Hi there, my name is Carl Hadler, I'm a secondary school maths teacher. I've been teaching maths for over 10 years now. The favourite part of my job is when I have a student who's worked really hard to understand a new process or application that they've struggled with and they finally 'get it' and you can actually see the results of all of our hard work. The lessons that I'm going to be putting onto Lessonflix will enable you to do that yourself at home.


Fun Fact #1

 I was in a Blues Brothers tribute band for a number of year (front man Elwood Blues).....great fun

Fun Fact #2

I’m already a Grandad to an amazing one year called Albert!

Fun Fact #3

I was given a flying scholarship by the RAF when I was 18 and gained my Private Pilots’ License (no longer current.....too expensive to keep up!!!!)

If for instance, there is a lesson that you've had with your teacher at school, and you haven't quite understood how it works, then log on to lesson flicks, have a look at the lessons that I've got on there. You can search by topic, and you're more than likely to find a teaching method which is slightly different to that that you've had at school. And sometimes that's all it takes, just to get that understanding of a topic. Now I tend to specialise in people who, for whom maths isn't a natural skill for them. So you need to increase your confidence. And the way to do that is to practice and perhaps just have it delivered in a slightly different way. So have a look at the lessons that I've got on Lessonflix, and I look forward to working with you. Take care.

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