Hello, I'm Mrs Lees and I'm an English teacher from South East London. I teach English language & literature for all age groups at a grammar school in Kent. I also teach Film Studies at A level. I have a degree in English and American literature which I studied at the University of Kent in Canterbury and I then went on to do my teacher training at UCL. I have been teaching for seven years now and I'm enthusiastic about all areas of literature, but my personal favourites include dystopian fiction, ancient and classical mythology and poetry both ancient and modern.


I have school aged children, myself, and I know how important it is for parents and students to be able to access high quality resources at home to support and enrich their learning. That is what my lessons will do, with their content ranging from contextual details about texts, explanation of theories and demonstration of techniques to analysis of passages, summaries of chapters and beyond. I hope you enjoy my lessons and find them valuable for your own learning. Please let me know if they feature anything you have any further questions about or if there is anything you would like me to include in future. I look forward to teaching you.

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