Hi, I'm Tasha and I have been Head of Politics at an outstanding Secondary School in Hertfordshire for the past four years, I also teach History as well. I have a BA Honours degree in Politics and International Relations, as well as a PGCE in secondary education. I've got particular interests in UK and American Politics because, well let's be honest there's lots of drama there so it's very interesting in itself. Whether you are studying Politics for A Level, for a degree, or you just want to have more information on the subject because it impacts you and the world around you, then my videos will be able to help clarify some common misconceptions and just make you more informed. Politics is the one subject that impacts and affects everyone and the world around them. So it's a really crucial subject to know about, I hope you enjoy my videos!


Fun Fact #1

I've dabbled in stand up comedy

Fun Fact #2

I've appeared on The Chase

Fun Fact #3

I'm a big football fan and played regularly

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